Dad 2.Opinion: Recaps of Dad 2.013

by dad2summit on February 7, 2013

Even though the conference kicked off a week ago, we’re still buzzing about the 2013 Dad 2.0 Summit. And so are you, judging from the flurry of recaps we’ve been reading. (Thank you for these; all candid feedback, both complimentary and “constructive,” is extremely helpful. This is your conference, and we want it to grow with the community as much as possible.)

Below is a list of recaps we’ve already seen. If we missed you (or you post something subsequently), drop us a line at info [at] dad2summit [dot] com, post it to our Facebook page, or give it a Twitter shout-out, and we’ll be sure to add you to the list:

And a bonus write-up on the front page of the February 24 issue of the Sunday New York Times Business Section!

Also: If you’re interested in using any part of your post as a testimonial for us (or would like to provide something else), please let us know.

Thank you for all your support!

Team Dad 2.0

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