It’s Episode 1 of the Dad 2.0-Cast!

dad2summitDad 2.0-Cast

If you’ve been looking to absorb Dad 2.0 Summit news and notes in a more auditory format, look no more! Desist looking! Welcome to the Dad 2.0 Summit’s Dad 2.0-Cast, where co-founder and director of programming Doug French and his guests discuss the dad things that need discussing. With the profound production savvy of Don Jackson and the staff at The Raven Media Group.

This week, Doug is joined by Art Eddy, who tries to keep the discussion focused on what the Summit is, why we put it on every year, and why we hope to see you in San Antonio on February 21. It’s the perfect companion for when you’re on a treadmill, or in the car, or huddling in the next room trying to drown out the racket your kids are making.