Creed Anthony is a genius- at least that’s how he always wanted his bio to begin. In truth, he isn’t a genius, just a mild mannered middle school teacher (of two decades) by day, writer by spare moments or night, full-time dad and husband who enjoys speaking in third person. You can find him, as The Captain, at mycaptainslog.com or on Instagram @captain_creed. He is unofficially endorsed by The Rock though he has yet to meet him. Originally from Cleveland, Ohio, he currently resides in Indianapolis, Indiana. He’s a proud veteran member of the Dad 2.0 Community.

Julia Beck, founder of the It’s Working Project has been an active and engaged industry innovator for more than 20 years. Julia and her team have been on the leading edge of the conversation and challenges at the center of the parent universe as they define and refine their role as working parents, spouses, offspring and more.

Jeff Bogle is a dad of teen daughters, freelance writer, award winning photographer, soccer fanatic, and decent human being.

Taylor Calmus is a Los Angeles based actor/comedian. He started Dude Dad two weeks before his son Theo was born as way to stay creative while learning to be a father. His purpose for the channel is too entertain, educate and inspire.

Steve Disselhorst is the Principal of Steve Disselhorst, LLC, which specializes in personal & professional leadership development for individuals and teams, and consulting on diversity and inclusion (D&I). Prior to founding his firm, Steve worked as a D&I Consultant for Genentech, where he led the development of strategies to advance historically under-represented groups for leadership positions. Before joining Genentech, Steve was an account manager, marketer, and co-founder of the Pride ERG at Abbott Labs. Steve currently co-leads the board of directors for Our Family Coalition and was appointed to the San Mateo County LGBTQ Commission. Steve and his husband have two children through adoption. Steve is currently completing his first book focused on his journey to become an LGBTQ Parent.

Marlon calls himself a “work-at-home” dad and is an active participant in the ongoing conversations regarding work-life integration and remote work. A former career-addicted millennial, he helps other working dads figure out how to prioritize their time with family and shift away from the traditional meaning of being seen as a “provider”. Marlon has worked remotely for the last five years and the location flexibility has allowed him and his family to travel extensively. Together, they take their 3-year old daughter on the ultimate field trips around the world. When at home in Orlando, Marlon can also be found planning dad events as a co-organizer for the Orlando City Dads Group.

Dan Kois is a writer and editor at Slate and a co-host of Slate’s parenting podcast Mom and Dad Are Fighting. He’s the author of three books, most recently How to Be a Family: The Year I Dragged My Kids Around the World to Find a New Way to Be Together.

Krause is a published book author, award-winning blogger, and content creator. She wrote a pregnancy and parenting blog- BabyRabies.com- for over a decade before pivoting to JillKrause.com, where she focuses on life after stepping out of the baby-years. Krause lives outside of Austin, TX with her husband and 4 children.

Alec Lace is a father of four who, in 2018, launched the now popular podcast, First Class Fatherhood with a vision to change the narrative of fatherhood and family life. The show quickly became one of the top parenting podcasts in America due to Alec interviewing some of the most famous fathers in the world including Dean Cain, Deion Sanders, Tony Hawk, Tito Ortiz & Kurt Warner. Alec was invited to be on the field for Super Bowl LIII media day in 2019 to interview dads such as Tom Brady, Julian Edelman & Bill Belichick. Alec has also interviewed legendary servicemen Dads such as Navy SEALs Rob O’Neill and Marcus Luttrell, “Black Hawk Down” pilot Mike Durant, Medal of Honor recipients Ed Byers, Dakota Meyer and Michael Thornton. Alec was interviewed live on Fox & Friends for Father Day

James is a father of 3 boys and a technology entrepreneur based in NYC. His mission is helping dads live their best life and helping brands connect to real fathers. He is the founder of the #FatherhoodIsLit initiative via his organization Cool4Dads LLC and co-organizes events with the NYC Dads and City Dads Group. He believes a Father’s presence never has to be boring and showcases it via Cool4Dads.com. His work has been featured on Good Morning America, NY1, USA Today, Black Enterprise, Tech Crunch, Fast Company, Blavity and many more. #FatherhoodIsLit #PresenceOverPresents

Aaron McGee is the Founder of the 501c3 non-profit Fatherhood ID. He and his wife Terece reside in Antioch, TN [Nashville] with their daughter Journey. In June of 2017 Aaron created the blog site Fatherhood Is Dope, the blog is dedicated to entries about the adventures of fatherhood. In Spring of 2018 Aaron created a devotional series for fathers titled Tune Up Tuesday’s. The devotional is now used as a life group resource. It is Aaron’s hope that men who are blessed with children will answer “The Call” to their rightful position of fatherhood! In March of 2019 Aaron created and produced a podcast solely dedicated to sharing the stories of fathers from all walks of life called Fatherhood Is Dope The Podcast.

Deborah Moebes is a writer, designer and relentless optimist. She’s the founder of Whipstitch, an online platform for connecting folks who sew into deeper community. Trained as an archaeologist and an educator, Deborah now divides her time between two membership sites, the Murder Mystery Quilt and the League of Dressmakers. She’s the author of two best-selling books and built Atlanta’s first retail sewing lounge, voted Best of Atlanta every year it was open. Deborah and her husband, Michael, live with their three children in Atlanta, where they plot exotic travels around the globe, cook from scratch, watch documentaries, see as much live music as possible, and avoid weeding the garden.

Husband. Father. Storyteller. Casey Palmer is a thirty-something Canadian Dad from Toronto, ON looking to raise his multiracial family of four in an urban environment that never quits. Writing on parenting, racial identity, tech and more, he’s out to prove that well-crafted words really can change the world! Casey‘s always sought to create content that speaks to others’ souls, not just simply retelling events. As a blogger, his unique style has caught the eye of brands like TELUS, Netflix and Apple. Published in The Huffington Post, Metro Toronto and The Globe and Mail. Invited to CBC’s Metro Morning, CTV’s Your Morning and Global TV’s The Morning Show. But he’s still the same kid that Mama Palmer raised, and nothing’s going to change that.

A proud native of Philadelphia, PA, Donte has 10 years of video production, non-profit management, and education experience including his time as a character leadership teacher at Somerset Preparatory Academy in Jacksonville, Florida. He graduated cum laude with a B.A. in Media Production from Indiana University at Pennsylvania. At the start of his career, he spent 6 years with Global Media Production, sharing his gift of video production around the world. Donte now serves as the CEO/Founder of his nonprofit, Squat For Change. He also served as a program director at Sanctuary on 8th and led the startup of the arts afterschool program, JAMS, Jacksonville Arts and Music School. Donte is happily married to his wife, Lakeisha and has three amazing sons, Isaiah, 13, Taylor, 8, and Liam 2.

When I held my daughter in my arms for the first time, I felt my life change. A sense of responsibility rushed over me. I looked for resources on how to be a better dad, but I found brands for moms, dad memes, and plenty of negative media portrayal of fathers. I decided to embark on a journey to build a brand that would empower dads to take on the challenge. Actidad was born. I created a website, social media presence, podcast, and YouTube channel. Most dads won’t read a book, but they might listen or watch a show about dadlife. I question myself regularly, but the daily messages I receive from dads lets me know I’m on the right path. My wife, 3 year old daughter, and 6 month old son live in South Florida. I believe the future is bright for dads. Stay awesome Actidads!

Aaron Sheldon is a photographer, social media consultant, stay-at-home-Dad and creator of photography projects including “SMALL STEPS ARE GIANT LEAPS” in which he has documented the last three years as a stay-at-home dad to his son “Astronaut” Harrison. Between school drop-off and pick-up, Aaron helps local creatives, businesses, and non-profit organizations document and share their experiences on social media though his company Documentary Dads. Aaron loves sharing his experience to help others tell their story in unique, informative, and entertaining ways.

Bud Ward is first and foremost a father and husband. He is also a writer, speaker, consultant, and physical therapist with over 25 years of experience in health, wellness, and leadership. Bud has had more than 50,000 interactions with patients and clients. He has worked in a variety of settings including corporate, home health, private practice, and the Johns Hopkins Hospital. Bud has a holistic approach that focuses on helping people improve their well-being and create space for the important things in their lives. He consults with individuals and organizations to help them create effective, ergonomic workspaces. Bud has written on topics of health, wellness, personal development, and leadership for blogs and a national industry magazine.