Fatherhood on Friday: Super dads and a football game

by dad2summit on January 23, 2015

There is always a lull of sorts between the year-end holidays and the first signs of spring. Some people call that downtime “winter” or “playoffs,” but both sound so deflating. We prefer to look on the bright side, for not only are we in the home stretch before Dad 2.015, we also get to see new ad campaigns. Which means a new chance for dads to shine. In theory.

The Super Bowl is just 9 days away, but thus far, things are looking good. 8BitDad‘s Zach Rosenberg has reported on the brands that have already shared their Super Bowl dad ads, and Rachel Bertsche of Yahoo Parenting takes a closer look at Dad 2.0 Summit title sponsor Dove Men+Care’s new dad-centric #RealStrength campaign.


But that’s not all! As mentioned above, things at Dad 2 Headquarters are moving non-stop, and the closer we get to showtime, the more we have to talk about. Dad 2.0 co-founders Doug French and John Pacini were featured on the Modern Dads Podcast by our friends at City Dads Group. The conversation has everything from the Dad 2.0 origin story to a sneak preview of Dad 2.015. Stick around at the end to hear Whit Honea explain why he’s the Olaf of the Summit. Warm hugs for all the men!

Here are a few other stories from this past week that caught our eye:

  • Have you ever noticed that women interviewed about their careers are almost always asked about the logistics of balancing work with family, yet men are seldom asked the same question? Mike Spohr and BuzzFeed noticed, too, so they asked some fathers how they find that work and family balance. You will recognize some of the dads featured.
  • In light of the Super Bowl, you may notice your kids idolizing football players and planning out their own potential NFL stardom. It happens, but not every parent is happy about it. Annie Linskey of Bloomberg Politics tells us why half of Americans don’t want their sons to play football.
  • This generation of men is changing the world with every passing day, and their example adds legacy to the movement. Adrian Uribarri, Director of the Esquire Mentoring Initiative, shares this piece on Parent Toolkit about the role of mentoring and how you can help raise the next generation of good men. (Disclosure: Esquire is the Dad 2.0 Summit’s Official National Media Partner in 2015.)

Lastly, we talk a lot about modern men and the wonderful things that fathers do, and perhaps we get a bit lost in hyperbole from time to time; however, Mikhail Abrosimov, a Russian dad that saved his son, deserves every amazing adjective you can throw his way. He jumped out of a burning building, from the seventh story, with his 4-year-old wrapped in his arms and used his own body to cushion the child’s fall. They are both going to live, and that seems like an amazingly wonderful story to take with you to the weekend.


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