The 2015 Dad 2.0 Scholarship Fund is live!

by dad2summit on November 25, 2014

Two weeks ago, our Scholarship Chair Jeff Bogle announced the Dad 2.0 Scholarship Fund, and we’re happy to announce that the CrowdRise site is up and running.

photo (4)The site will be live for three weeks, until midnight EDT on December 19, and every dollar contributed to the Scholarship Fund (minus the site’s fees) will go to help more of our peers get to the beautiful Westin Hotel in San Francisco in February!

We plan to award each recipient a $500 stipend toward travel expenses, and though we’ve set a goal to raise $2,000 and to give four scholarships, we’re only limited by the amount of money that is donated. Every $500 increment means another grant!

We’ve started it off with $250 (which Jeff has agreed to match, so that’s one scholarship already in the bag). And however much money is raised, the Dad 2.0 Summit will round the money up to the next multiple of 500.

For the fellas looking to apply for a $500 Dad 2.0 Scholarship, here is what you need to know and do, starting right now:

  1. If you haven’t already, purchase a ticket to Dad 2.015 (available here); and
  2. Write a short essay (300-500 words) about whatever you think is relevant to this effort. (Your goals, your place in the world as a father, what this community means to you, etc.)

E-mail your essay to “scholarship [at] dad2summit [dot] com” before midnight EDT on Friday, December 12.

On Monday, December 22, scholarship winners will be chosen at random from a pool of all applicants that meet these requirements. If you win a scholarship, you’ll receive additional instructions and travel booking/planning assistance, and Dad 2.0 will also refund the cost of your ticket!

In this season of giving, thank you all in advance for your generosity. You are helping to make the dad blogger community even stronger.


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If you were with us in New Orleans last year, you saw that Lee® Jeans Pants Party suite was a huge hit. We all stopped by to hang out, sip a frosty craft beer, try on some stylish, comfortable clothes, and walk away with a slick pair of trousers. More importantly, Lee walked away with a great [...]

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I think all parents feel alone sometimes. Which is weird, right? We bring life into the world. We nurture it and help it grow, and yet sometimes after the jobs are worked and the dinners are cooked, the talks talked and kisses kissed, we go to bed and feel The Lonely creeping in. For me, [...]

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So … how’d you like three free nights at the Westin?

November 18, 2014

As you read yesterday, Dove Men+Care is back for Round Three as Title Sponsor of the Dad 2.0 Summit. And just as they’ve done the previous two years, they want punctuate their role as Hospitality Sponsor and underwrite another hotel giveaway! Dove Men+Care first orchestrated  this effort in 2013, and the parameters remain the same. We’ll [...]

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Monday Conference Call: Dove Men+Care returns as Title Sponsor!

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The sports lovers among us know that a hat trick is when someone scores three goals in a game. And whether that game is hockey, soccer, team handball, or just some rainy-day game your 6-year-old invented with an umbrella and a balled-up pair of socks, a hat trick is a pretty big deal. That’s why [...]

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I came from middle-class privilege, but after a 1985 vacation to Jamaica, I began to question my dumb luck. I was 8 years old, a pup, and as we were driven to a restaurant to watch Villanova play Georgetown in the men’s NCAA basketball championship, we passed a heap of tent cities tucked into a [...]

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Motherhood means never having to say you’re sorry (and we wish you would)

November 5, 2014

Women apologize more than men. Studies have proved it. Commercial campaigns have been built around it. “Women apologize all the time,” we’re told. If anything, women need to stop saying “I’m sorry” so often. Except they don’t. While women may apologize all the time at work, in life, to friends, or to their kids, there is one area where women [...]

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Monday Conference Call: Announcing our first Presenting Sponsor, Kia Motors!

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As the sun rises on a new week, we hope you and your kids had a joyous and safe Halloween. We also want to give this dad his due as creator of Baby Costume of the Year. Now that we’ve packed our prodigious plastic pumpkins, it’s time to grow that Movember mustache and help raise [...]

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