Fatherhood on Friday: The sport of perspective

by dad2summit on January 30, 2015

Fatherhood, like most things in life, often hinges upon the intangibles—the stands we take and the lens we apply to the world we live in. We fight battles, be they personal, private, or strikingly public, and we take our lumps and reap our spoils. Perspective is its own reward.

This week saw Justin Connors step forward with honesty and courage as he shared his story in the Dad 2.0 Words on Wednesday series, and the Internet noticed. His tale of coping with financial uncertainty hit home with many of us, and his pursuit of happiness inspired us all.

In other news, apparently there is a Big Game this weekend and people are talking about it:

  • Every season we hear a lot about the Super Bowl ads (we were already talking about them last week), and this year is no different; however, as Jack Neff of Ad Age points out, a theme has emerged for 2015, and the throughline is dads. (Special shout-out to Zach Rosenberg of fame.)
  • Speaking of football, Brian Costello from the New York Post reports that the Seattle Seahawks may be without their star cornerback Richard Sherman on game day. Sherman’s girlfriend, Ashley Moss, is pregnant with their first child, and we’re fairly certain that Patriots quarterback Tom Brady would send a lot of flowers if she goes into labor on Sunday.
  • Sticking with the Seahawks, Marshawn Lynch is featured, along with former Ohio State standout Maurice Clarett, in an article by Larry Elder on called “NFL Tough Guys Need Dads, Too.”
  • Unfortunately, not all of the dad news out of the sports world this week was positive. In fact, some was downright negative. Beth Greenfield of Yahoo! Parenting writes about the L.A. Lakers hazing of rookies and Coach Byron Scott’s total lack of respect for modern fatherhood (and moms, too, really). Dad 2.0 Summit co-founder John Pacini is quoted, and he isn’t laughing.
  • We’ll leave football with this story about Chicago Bears’ quarterback Jay Cutler, who had a bit of a parenting meltdown this week. His celebrity wife, Kristin Cavallari, shared it with the world via Instagram, and something that passes for hilarity ensued. All of that led to dad blogger Trevor Mulligan ( scoring some quality playing time on ABC’s Nightline. He hit it out of the ballpark.

Trevor Mulligan on Nightline

The week ended with an uncommon source of fatherhood news, namely, Pope Francis, who shared a wide range of comments about dads during his general audience—many of which, according to Catholic News Service’s Carol Glatz, were something less than positive. Luckily, the pope promised that next week he “would look at the beauty of fatherhood.” We can’t help but wonder if he’s talking about the Dove Men+Care #RealStrength campaign airing during the big game. After all, it’s hard to beat the beauty found in the strength of caring, and his timing is impeccable. Think about that on Sunday.


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