Fatherhood On Friday: Fortuna vobis adsit

by dad2summit on July 22, 2016

After our brief summer break, we’re back! And what an amazing time it has been. The title of this week’s post appears on the western starting point of the Hadrian’s Wall Path and translates to “Good luck to you there.” And after our epic trek across England, we feel very fortunate to announce that the new chapter of Camp Kesem has met its funding goal!


The Dad 2.0 team has just returned from an 84-mile walk (which actually took 97 miles, thanks to detours and missed signs) from Bowness-on-Solway to Wallsend (that’s our little LEGO buddy atop the path’s highest point). We were part of #Dads4Kesem, a group of 12 dads walking to raise $40,000 for a new Camp Kesem chapter at the University of Maryland that will soon welcome Oren Miller’s kids.

Day 1, Bowness-on-Solway

Day 1, Bowness-on-Solway

Day 7, Wallsend

Day 7, Wallsend

We met our goal literally in the eleventh hour on the last day of the walk, and a lot of the thanks for that goes to you, our readers and members of the dad community. We want to thank all our co-trekkers along the trail, particularly Phil Corless, who organized the trip, meals, and lodgings, and Jim Higley, who led the fundraising effort (in which our co-daily adopters How To Be A Dad, the National At-Home Dad Network, City Dads Group, Doyin Richards, and Life of Dad played a crucial part). Thanks also to Carter Gaddis, who did a wonderful job coordinating all the Dads4Kesem messaging.

Please also note that it’s never too late to contribute whatever you can to There are 80+ chapters all over the country, and every one of them wants to offer free camp to more kids whose lives have been touched by a parent’s cancer.

Thank you all for being a part of this. In an environment of discouraging headlines, it’s important to remember that focused positive energy still moves mountains.


Harold Ramis’s daughter talks about her famous dad, and passing the Ghostbusters torch to a new generation of fans.

A dad’s influence on his child’s development reinforces how early childhood programs should focus on both parents.

In India, mothers and children are requesting that the names of the fathers not be mentioned in their passports.

A dad offers his advice on how to navigate the challenges of setting up an individual education plan (IEP).

Mick Jagger, a great-grandfather since 2014, is about to a be a dad for the eighth time at age 72. Time really is on his side, apparently.

A deployed dad watches on his phone as his son is born, then races home to meet him.

Testimony about the embarrassing things dads do, and “the more positive things that make them so special.”

At SheKnows, Zach Rosenberg writes “I’m just a dad trying to raise a boy who knows it’s OK to cry.”

A Massachusetts dad wants to promote positivity and engagement with a three-day “Single Father March” starting Aug 1.

In Alabama, dads gather to learn the essentials of fatherhood and “coach the fear” out of new fathers.

A North Dakota dad starts “Broken Hearts & Broken Homes” as a nonprofit to help divorced dads earn more time with their kids.


Thanks for reading, and wherever your adsit is this week, we hope you receive a lot of fortuna along the way.

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