Fatherhood on Friday: Summer, Sunsets, and SCOTUS

by dad2summit on June 26, 2015

We hope your week began in splendid Father’s Day fashion, and you’re all the richer for it. We started our week at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Washington, D.C., home to the 2016 Dad 2.0 Summit. It’s an amazing location in an incredible city, and we can’t wait to see you see it. In the meantime, we hope this photo will hold you over:

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June is also time for Supreme Court decisions, and continual refreshing of the SCOTUSblog Twitter feed. We’re very pleased to see that, as of this morning, same-sex marriage is finally legal and binding in all 50 states. At its core, this ruling gives more parents the rights and tools to figure out what’s best for their families. And that’s great news for all of us.

At Yahoo, David Crary reports that the increase in same-sex marriages in the United States has created an upswing in the number of gay dads, discussing the issues faced and the many benefits thereof.

Mashable is keeping Father’s Day in our hearts all year long with this new list, curated by Laura Vitto, of “10 Instagram accounts that showcases fatherhood at its finest.”

Are you a stay-at-home dad considering entrepreneurship? Lisa Evans of Entrepreneur shares  “How Stay-at-Home Dads Can Get In on Entrepreneurship.” However, and we cannot stress this enough, please do not ever use the term “dadpreneur” in polite conversation. Or impolite, for that matter.

Over at Quartz, Scott Behson, author of The Working Dad’s Survival Guide: How to Succeed at Work at Home, discusses the gift of paternity leave.

And that’s not all!  Ali Swenson at TakePart showcases 10 companies that offer paid time off for new dads.

The Wall Street Journal’s Sue Shellenbarger reports that “goofy teasing and hyper play actually help young children develop,” in her article, “Moms, Let Dad Be Dad.”

The Guardian’s Haroon Siddique discusses a new survey showing that two in five new dads are concerned about mental health problems–specifically, perinatal depression–and encourages men to speak out and get help.

Colleen O’Connor of The Denver Post showcases our friend Dave Taylor and the joy he finds in the work-family juggle.

NBA star Chris Paul’s son, Chris Paul, Jr. (known on dance floors everywhere as Li’l Chris) got some love from Clay Skipper at GQ, and for good reason: Check out his dance moves! Chris Paul may not be the most popular Chris Paul in his family for much longer.

In closing, now that summer has officially started, our ears turn to music festivals. The folks at Funny Or Die understand that one’s appreciation of music doesn’t change just because you have kids, so they gave us this: Coachella For Dads (We know, it’s not a new post, but it’s popular now. And we want to look hip.) Don’t forget the sunscreen.

Coachella Lineup

Do you have stories from the week in fatherhood that you want to share? Let us know on Twitter and/or Facebook.


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