Fatherhood on Friday: The juggle is real

by dad2summit on April 24, 2015

Photo credit: Josh Levs

Photo credit: Josh Levs

Modern dads are often tasked to challenge the status quo of established stereotypes as they relate to gender roles, masculinity, and what it means to be an active father. It’s a lot of hard work, but it’s also worth it. The benefits are many, and they affect everyone—men, women and children. Earlier today, we were proud to co-sponsor (along with The Handsome Father and the Life of Dad Network) a City Dads Group and A Better Balance webinar: The Modern Dad’s Juggle (#WorkingDad on Twitter). The discussion featured Scott Behson, PhD and covered paternity leave, paid sick days, federal and state laws, workplace politics, and lots more policy-related information that we found super informative and very helpful. If you missed it don’t worry, the video is available here.

Speaking of Scott Behson, he’s one of many dads that we all know and love who have new parenting-related books out (or soon-to-be released).  Let’s all support the amazing work these guys are doing and buy a few!

Here are some of our favorite links of the week:

The debate between free-range and helicopter parenting, respectively, appeared to go up several notches (feet?) this week when one dad used a drone to follow his daughter to school.

Kit Fox at Runner’s World introduces us to Derek Yorek, the dad who led the Boston Marathon for a few minutes to create “an unforgettable memory” for his two daughters who are both too young to actually remember it.

The Huffington Post published a great piece by Maria Shriver and friend of Dad 2.0 Josh Levs (see picture above) titled “Who is the 21st Century Man?” Spoiler alert: “He’s not who you might think he is.”

As parents, we’re often faced with topics that require discussion despite varying levels of comfort. Mocha Dad, aka Fred Goodall, wants to know when parents should talk to their kids about difficult subjects.

Glenn Wagner at The Good Men Project thinks that great dads aren’t that great, the bar is just low.

Over at Cooper & Kid, Jeff Bogle shares some of his favorite podcasts for dads. Warning: They are highly addictive.

The Representation Project brings us The Mask You Live In from executive producer Maria Shriver. This powerful documentary explores American masculinity and the way that boys are shaped by it. The Mask You Live In premiered this week in Los Angeles. Please note that the trailer, which features some familiar faces, has some language that is NSFW.


Join us for Friday’s “The Modern Man’s Juggle” webinar!

April 23, 2015

While we were watching the latest episode of “Real Sports” this week, we were struck by how strongly fatherhood influenced each of the segments: Seawhawks quarterback Russell Wilson lamented how his father, whom he viewed as his mentor and best friend, died before he could see his son raise the Vince Lombardi trophy at Super [...]

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Fatherhood on Friday: Summits, Santa, and Star Wars

April 17, 2015
Thumbnail image for Fatherhood on Friday: Summits, Santa, and Star Wars

What’s new in fatherhood this week.

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It’s time for “Amazon Mom” to become “Amazon Family”

March 4, 2015

The dad blogging community did not waste any time in stepping up to honor the life of Oren Miller, the creator of the Dad Bloggers Facebook group, who passed away on February 28 after months of fighting Stage IV lung cancer. One of Oren’s most public and passionate crusades was promoting a petition drive asking the online [...]

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A blogger, a father, and now an eponym

February 25, 2015

After our Saturday keynote, we were honored to name our Scholarship Fund after our friend, Oren Miller, who is fighting Stage IV lung cancer. For years, Oren has been instrumental in building a worldwide community of dad bloggers, and we were grateful for the chance to help establish his lasting legacy. Oren was too ill [...]

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Dad 2.Opinion: Recaps of Dad 2.015

February 24, 2015

As always, thank you for your post-conference blog posts!  All candid feedback, both complimentary and “constructive,” is extremely helpful. This is your conference, and we want it to grow with the community as much as possible. Below is a list of the recaps we’ve seen. If we missed you (or you post something subsequently), drop us [...]

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Closing Keynote Address from Jay Larson

February 22, 2015

Jay (@JayLarsoncomedy) is the co-host of the “Best Bars of America” feature on the Esquire Network. Adrian Kulp booked his first TV appearance when he was in L.A. as a writer and actor. Grew up in Massachusetts and without a dad. Took having a baby to realize it was the only thing he ever wanted [...]

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PANEL – The Creative Parent – Strategies for your Right Brain

February 21, 2015

The Creative Parent – Right Strategies for Your Right Brain Moderator – Jessi Sanfilippo (@shuggilippo) Panel Chris Routly (@ChrisRoutly) David Vienna (@thedaddycomplex) Neal Call JESSI :- How do you capture creative ideas when they hit? DAVID :- keeping a note pad by bedside strike while its hot Write down everything — Evernote on phone is [...]

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Everything Is Negotiable … Until It Isn’t

February 21, 2015

The best daddy bloggers can make anything, even laundry detergent, engaging and fun. It’s why many make a credible income from their blogs – working with brands to extend their revenue stream. The brand-centric panel at Saturday’s Dad 2.0 Summit event let four seasoned bloggers share how they make money online, and why writers should [...]

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Behind Every Great Woman

February 21, 2015

Gabrielle Blair (@designmom) is moderating this panel. Jory Des Jardins (@JoryDJ): co-founded BlogHer.  Did not have children at start of the company; she decided to be primary breadwinner. Her husband, Jesse, did landscape architect work, but became a SAHD when the economy dropped, and they had a child. Gabrielle Blair and Ben Blair:  Have alternated [...]

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