Announcing our second round of speakers!

by dad2summit on December 18, 2014

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, although maybe not for the reason you’re thinking of. We love December because we get to announce All The Cool Things. Like how our donations to our Scholarship program (which ends tomorrow) are within striking distance of a sixth $500 stipend! And the quantity and quality of Dad Blogger Spotlight submissions (which are due today), are just dizzyingly poignant and pleasant reads, one after the next!

And to add the last bit of froth to our dadduccino, here is our second speaker announcement! We’re very grateful to each of these content creators, media representatives, and social media professionals who’ll be bringing their passions to San Francisco in February:

Our third and final speaker announcement is slated for Monday, January 19th. Stay tuned for more programming news!


The long goodbye

December 17, 2014

Several years ago, I was having a drink with an acquaintance, a man around my age.  Given my work in the parenting space, topics of family and fatherhood never seem too far off. And here again we found one of those welcome opportunities to talk candidly about family – the kind of intimate conversations people [...]

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Monday Conference Call: December Deadlines, and a sweet Holiday Dad ticket promotion!

December 15, 2014

This is the first day of the last full business week of the year, so if you’re anything like we are, life sort of feels like a gigantic salad spinner right now. So much to do, so little time, so few people still in the office, so much lettuce whizzing around your face. We get [...]

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Kid, if you’re gonna do it, do it f@#king right

December 10, 2014

As each day passes in my journey as a parent, and as my daughter continues her maturation, I know there are inevitabilities for which I must prepare. She will feel a parental decision is unjust. She will like music that I don’t feel should be classified as music. She will be more talented than I [...]

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Monday Conference Call: The last week for scholarships, and Best Buy joins our sponsor roster!

December 8, 2014

This is arguably one of the best times of our conference ramp-up schedule, when the submission windows for Dad 2.0 Scholarship essays and our Dad Blogger Spotlights are open at the same time. Both have resulted in lots of great writing that we get to read, so we can take a moment to remind ourselves [...]

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Fatherhood On Friday: When the headwinds come

December 5, 2014

If there’s a theme to this week’s selection of must-reads, it’s how dads navigate a little adversity, from a number of fronts. The most notable is this piece from Elissa Strauss at The Week, who asserted that stay-at-home dads are “statistically insignificant.” (Adding the Michael Keaton pic from That 31-Year-Old Move That Will Not Be [...]

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The 2015 Dad Blogger Spotlight Window is open!

December 4, 2014

Now that we’re entering our third year of Dad Blogger Spotlights, we’re building a special little library of men who’ve read at Dads 2.013 and 2.014: Kenny Bodanis, Little Kids Like Rust & Garbage, But They Also Love Their Mom and Dad Carter Gaddis, Two Lives Collide At The Ballpark On Father’s Day Whit Honea, Po-tate-o, [...]

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Yeah, I’m a nervous freak when it comes to my sons. What of it?

December 3, 2014

“Shouldn’t he have more words by now?” That’s the question I asked my wife just before my younger son Sam turned 15 months old. I asked again at his check-up later that week, and the pediatrician’s raised eyebrows made me wince. She asked me if he says “Dada” or “Mama” clearly, or in a string [...]

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Monday Conference Call: Thanks for all the giving, and Tree Top joins us as an Official Sponsor!

December 1, 2014

December has arrived, and with it the end of another happily hirsute Movember. Many grateful significant others looked on today as our mustaches came off, and our fundraising neared $9,000 toward research into men’s cancers. Thanks to all 64 of the growers on (and supporters of) the Dads/Bloggers team, who turned #MovemberDads into another great [...]

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The 2015 Dad 2.0 Scholarship Fund is live! [UPDATED]

November 25, 2014

Two weeks ago, our Scholarship Chair Jeff Bogle announced the Dad 2.0 Scholarship Fund, and we’re happy to announce that the CrowdRise site is up and running. The site will be live for three weeks, until midnight EDT on December 19, and every dollar contributed to the Scholarship Fund (minus the site’s fees) will go to [...]

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