Welcome to Fatherhood Friday, the third spike in our new editorial trident, which is designed to send you off to the weekend apprised of articles, trends, and analysis that caught our eye during the week.

We should probably start with Whit Honea’s wonderful inaugural entry in our Words On Wednesday series. We told you we would only use references to disembowelment in the literal sense (and not as hyperbolic linkbait), and Whit not only did so, but he also took it to Shakespearean heights.

Other links in the news:

  • It’s probably news to zero people that having kids stretches the limits of your emotions for both the better and the worse. And although one of the most comprehensive polls you’ll see, the Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index (which crunched the answers submitted by over 131,000 responders), says the added stress often outpaces the extra joy, dads feel just as strongly as moms that the experience is ultimately worth it.
  • Photographer Nafise Motlaq‘s images help defy stereotypes and show a more more intimate, view of father-daughter relationships in Iran.
  • A powerful guest post on Scary Mommy, about a dad’s phone call that staved off a sexual assault.
  • Fatherhood Academy, which helped young minority dads become better parents in New York City, has been suddenly defunded.
  • Among couples undergoing IVF, the more a man drinks, the better the chance of having a baby.
  • If you’re watching the World Series, you might want to empathize specifically with the Royals’ Lorenzo Cain and Greg Holland became dads earlier this month, and changing diapers has been more of a challenge than they thought.
  • If you’re getting ready for Halloween, dare to be inspired (and not intimidated) by the dad who relived his triumph and made yet another amazing LED costume for his young daughter.
  • Two new celebrity dad picture books are on their way, from Jimmy Fallon (for his daughter) and Sebastian Robertson (for his rock-star father, Robbie).

And our Must Read of the Week is from Simon Kuper at the Financial Times: The rise of the global father. As societies all over the world migrate to city-based lifestyles, American culture continues to broadcast celebrity dads with their kids, and 78 of 167 countries offer some form of statutory paternity leave (including Brazil and Rwanda, but not the United States), fathers are “leaning in” to parenting as never before. Is the best way to encourage this trend is to make co-parenting appear more “manly”?

Have a great weekend!


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October 8, 2014

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