By many accounts, this year’s Father’s Day was a roaring success. If you’re new dad Dustin Johnson, for example (see below), you won your first major golf championship:

Screen Shot 2016-06-24 at 1.15.41 PM

If you’re co-founder John Pacini, you were still coming down from an intimate evening with your new best friend, Tom.

And if you’re the National Retail Federation, you estimated aggregate spending on Father’s Day to rise 12.6% from last year, to $14.3 billion. (Of particular note: Millennials indicated they’re more likely to spend on a “gift of experience,” rather than the more boring traditional ties and whatnot. This is progress.)

The trick now, of course, will be to keep the spirit of Father’s Day going all year round. This does not mean we should receive more gifts, and/or have mounds of bacon bestowed upon us by doting six-year olds. Rather, now that Dads are no longer casually lumped in with Grads, we’re going to set about maintaining the momentum of appreciation toward the works that make dads worth celebrating.


Celebrating Father’s Day is different after you’ve lost yours.

Here are Babble’s “9 Ways Dads Can Emotionally Prep for Childbirth.”

Men’s Health has “44 Exercises All Dads Should Do.”

“Because I made the decision to co-parent with another couple, my son has three dads.”

Today’s modern dad is sparking a ‘quiet revolution’ in parenting.

We hear a lot about millennial dads, but what about the older guys?

Slate says that dads today are doing more than their dads did, but still less than moms.

Dads have evolved extraordinarily over the past 60 years. Here’s a visual guide through the decades.

Our friend and keynote alumnus Dr. Michael Kimmel wrote a great piece explaining why dads are the new heroes.

The benefits of dads reading bedtime stories to their children is real.

According to Salon, “American parents are miserable because “having kids is brutal.”


Do you miss Father’s Day? Here is a little something to keep it alive in your heart from Whit Honea and the good folks at TBS: “Cringe-worthy Dad Jokes.” (Warning: To call them “bad” is an insult to badness.)

One more good thing about Father’s Day: If you’re the Dad 2.0 Summit, you’ve sold enough tickets to Dad 2.017 to reach 90% capacity! Have you got yours yet? If not, our monthlong $149 Father’s Day Sale end Thursday, and prices will go up to $199 for the rest of the summer (assuming they last that long).

Join us! After our first meetings at@hyattreglajolla, we’re even more excited about our first beachy venue!

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