Fatherhood on Friday: Announcement Season Kicks Off!

by dad2summit on September 4, 2015

Happy September, gents! It’s the Friday before Labor Day Weekend, which means

  1. College football has started (Yes!), and
  2. If you picture our conferences as end zones of a football field, we’ve crossed the 50-yard-line!

That’s right: Dad 2.016 is less than six months away, and we’re going to kick off Announcement Season with a Save The Dates newsletter to be delivered on Wednesday, September 9. If you don’t subscribe yet, plug your email address into that black stripe atop this page, so all the important news you will definitely use goes straight to your inbox.

The first big announcement is that our Call for Speakers and Ideas for  Dad 2.016 will open on Monday, September 14. We’re telling you now because it will be live for only one week, and we want you to be ready when the time comes.

Our second big announcement is that our Summer Sale for Dad 2.016 tickets was a huge success! We’re already 30% ahead of last year’s pace and heading to our earliest sellout ever! So thank you, as always, for your unwavering support.

And now, on to this week’s fatherhood news, featuring this ridiculously handsome, maddeningly ageless man:

On Slate, Rob Lowe shares how “Unprepared,” he was for the emotional impact of taking his older son to college. It’s an excerpt from his book Love Life, and it’s a wonderful read.

Catherine Pearson at Huffington Post shines some light on a very important issue in “Why Postpartum Depression in Dads Goes Unrecognized—and Ignored.”

Tired of the dad bod? Michael O. Schroeder at U.S. News talks about the weight gain of fatherhood and how to lose it.

Damon C. Williams of The Philadelphia Tribune reports that the Million Father March, an effort to get more dads to take active roles in their kids’ schooling, is now in its eighth year and expanding to a year-round format. Congratulations!

Dr. Irene Gafson writes in The Telegraph about a new NHS policy allowing dads to sleep overnight on maternity wards, and we couldn’t be happier about it. Nicely done, NHS.

Barbara Jordan at Runcorn and Widnes World in the UK writes about two dads, Chris Benbow and Chris Graham, who reciprocated the medical care their respective daughters received by raising £9,000 to buy equipment to treat babies with jaundice.

Mark Zuckerberg will soon be a dad, and according to Tracey Lien at the L.A. Times, people think his journey into fatherhood will make Facebook better.

When you have a child with a disabilities, all you want to hear for the first few days is that everything’s going to be OK. We didn’t have that. We had people telling us all the things Jillian could not do and we threw that, all of that, in the trash.”

These are the words of Paul Daugherty to ABC News about his daughter, who has Down syndrome, and the touching letter he wrote on The Mighty for her wedding day. Spectacular.

Dad 2.0 Scholarship Chair Jeff Bogle writes for Cosmopolitan about the “10 Insults I Hear as a Stay-at-Home Dad.”

At Huffington Post, Josh Levs asks, “How Much Economic Power Do Dads Have?

As you consider Josh’s piece, consider also that the team at How To Be A Dad put together a parent-centric ad campaign for the Kinsa Smart Ear Thermometer and the entire $50,000 Indiegogo campaign was funded in one day, by over 1,000 contributors. A huge day for recognizing dads as caregivers, consumers–and now, creatives.

And finally, since this Sunday is Father’s Day in Australia, lots of Aussie dads are in the news. Jackson McInerney reports for RN Afternoons about Dr. Peter West and his findings on modern dads and the feelings they embrace, and the Courier’s Olivia Shying covers a plea from experts urging Australian dads to take their paternity leave.

We’ll be linking to more of these stories on our Twitter feed. Until then, Happy Father’s Day, mates! We hope you celebrate with some quality dad jokes (thanks Nickelodeon!).

Thanks for joining us for another edition of Fatherhood on Friday. If you have any fatherhood news or stories that you would like to share you can find us on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.


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