FoF: An Ovation For the Ovate

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Easter eggs

Today, on Good Friday, we speak in praise of eggs. They symbolize rebirth (they’re even the first syllable of our egg-sistence), yet they cannot fulfill their existential purpose without extraordinary care. They can be colorized, … Read More

FoF: Be the Ball, Daddy

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Be the Ball

Yesterday launched the first round of The Masters, and with it a good walk spoiled. We know what you’re thinking: “Basketball, baseball, and now golf? What’s with all the sporty sports?” We love sports. We love … Read More

FoF: The Earth Exhales

dad2summitFatherhood Friday

Father and son fishing

They say Spring is a time for hearts of fancy, rebirth and allergies—the tales of the twitterpated. It is all those things, and then some, but we live in a time when such things are … Read More

FoF: The Women In Red

Marla TrevinoFatherhood Friday

March 8 is International Women’s Day, and this year we celebrated in a number of ways. Some observed the #DayWithoutAWoman walkout, and/or wore red as a sign of solidarity. Others, like the ONE Campaign (below), … Read More

FoF: Award Season

Doug FrenchFatherhood Friday

Best Dad Trophy

Award Season is in full swagger, and from Lombardi to Oscar, the trophies are flying everywhere. What does it mean to be at the top of one’s game? The accolades are obvious. The hard work … Read More