A conference like this is truly how you move society forward. You find a group of like-minded people, share your true, heart-felt sentiments in a safe environment and then become empowered to confidently express those feelings outside of the safety of your closest friends. When you bring in advertisers who often are responsible for shaping the image of fathers, you have a chance to change how they view fathers and portray them in their ads. The Dad 2.0 Summit is changing the world. It is changing the way society views fatherhood and, I believe, making it possible for all of us elevate our expectations.
– Al Watts, President, National At-Home Dad Network


Dad 2.0 is a great gathering of online dads, national brands and more than a few world-shaking women on a mission to connect with each other, share ideas, insights, and experiences, and shine the light on the conversations that really matter.
– Jonathan Fields,, author of Uncertainty: Turning Fear and Doubt Into Fuel for Brilliance



The team at Dad 2.0 has quickly established itself as a leading voice in the blogger space, attracting a virtual Who’s Who of dads that are shaping the current conversation about fatherhood. And, they’ve created a sponsor-friendly environment, where brand and blogger can engage one another and build sustainable relationships. They’ve been a great partner for our agency and our clients.
– Michael Stern


Finally, an event that focuses on the importance of men in the parenting equation. It was professional, inspirational and informative. I can’t wait to attend next year!
– CC Chapman, Founder, The Cleon Foundation; Best-Selling Author, Amazing Things Will Happen


Dad 2.0 is what a conference should be — small enough that you really get to MEET people, big enough that many of those are NEW people; crammed with information, but also filled with time to schmooze; filled with the big names and foundational pillars of the genre, but also welcoming to newcomers (and Moms.) It’s one of the conferences I make sure not to miss.
– Lisa Belkin, the Huffington Post’s Senior Columnist on Life/Work/Family.


The Mom 2.0 and Dad 2.0 stuff has provided me a much-needed second wind. I haven’t felt this good about blogging since I invented it.
– Whit Honea,,



The notion of committed, engaged fatherhood is here to stay, and I was so privileged to have a front seat to witness so much of it [at the Dad 2.0 Summit]. It might not be everywhere just yet, but in enough places that I think the ad industry should take note.
– Liz Gumbinner,