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Brent Almond

Brent Almond is a graphic designer, writer, husband and father. He combines all of these on his blog Designer Daddy, where he writes about being a gay dad of an adopted son, chronicles the progress of same-sex marriage with fridge magnets, and shares the superhero doodles he puts in his 5-year-old’s lunchbox. More of Brent’s writing can be found on The Huffington Post, The Good Men Project, The Parents Project and Fandango Family. He was recently honored as one of the Voices of the Year at BlogHer 2014.

Brent also sings with the Gay Men’s Chorus of Washington DC, and serves on the board of Rainbow Families DC, an organization that supports and connects LGBT families. In his spare time, Brent fantasizes about having spare time.


Scott Behson

Scott Behson, PhD, is a Professor of Management at Fairleigh Dickinson University, a busy involved dad, and an overall grateful guy. A national expert in work and family issues, Scott was a featured speaker at the White House Summit on Working Families.

Scott founded Fathers, Work, and Family, a blog dedicated to supporting working fathers. He has written for Harvard Business Review, Wall Street Journal, Time, Huffington Post and Good Men Project, and has appeared on MSNBC, CBS, FoxNews, NPR and Bloomberg Radio, He has also published in many prestigious academic journals and won six awards for his research on workplace flexibility.

Scott lives in Nyack, NY with his wife, stage actress Amy Griffin, and son, Nick.


Chris Bernholdt

Chris Bernholdt was an art educator for ten years in the suburbs of Chicago. He has been a stay at home dad since 2008 when he first started writing his blog called DadNCharge. He is the blog editor for the National At Home Dad Network and his writing has appeared on The Huffington Post, The Good Men Project, CNN iReport, and the Life of Dad website. His recent TV appearances on The Today Show, Good Morning America, and Fox and Friends were a result of his blog post called Banish The Playdate which sparked controversy in July. He is also the co-founder of Philly Dads Group a social group for dads. He lives in a suburb of Philadelphia with his three kids and wife, Susie.


Jeff Bogle

Jeff Bogle is an at-home dad who writes humorously about parenting, family travel, and All Things Childhood on his site Out With The Kids. His work also frequently appears on The Huffington Post and PBS Kids, among other print and online outlets.

He is married to an adorable redheaded gal and has two lovely little ladies ages 10 and under who provide him with countless hours of humorous in-home entertainment, and who get to hear, see, and play with more cool stuff than you can possibly imagine.

He considers himself one of the luckiest guys in the world, although he needs to be reminded of this fact from time to time.

Connect with Jeff using social media: Facebook + Twitter + Instagram + Pinterest


Armin Brott

Armin Brott is a father of three, Marine Corps veteran, writer, and radio host. His best-selling books on fatherhood—including The Expectant Father, The New Father: A Dad’s Guide to the First Year, and The Military Father—have sold more than 1.5 million copies and guide dads through every stage of fatherhood. (Completely revised editions of The Expectant Father and The New Father are coming out in May.) Armin writes two nationally syndicated columns and hosts “Positive Parenting,” which reaches more than a million American service members and their families around the world. He’s been a guest on hundreds of TV and radio shows, and has written for publications as varied as Time Magazine, Glamour, Playboy, and Sports Illustrated. Despite having roots in traditional media, Armin has dragged himself—kicking and screaming—into the world of social media, and blogs at


Charlie Capen

Charlie Capen is co-founder of — an entertainment site for dads, moms, and those with no plans of procreating. His experience covers every phase, from ideation to execution, in digital strategy, social marketing, and viral content.

Last year, Charlie co-authored a best-selling parenting book through Random House. He’s also appeared as a featured guest on HLN, Pivot TV, and Fox shows. Charlie’s work has appeared on the front pages of AOL, Fast Company, Buzzfeed,, Huff Post Parents, Art of Manliness, New York Times, BabyCenter, Neatorama, Reddit, and a host of other websites that smell delicious.

He currently presides as Social Media Manager (Originals) at Netflix. Charlie’s on a mission to light the Internet on fire as a self-proclaimed “digital arsonist.” Charlie is allergic to sleep.


Ruth Carter

Ruth Carter is a licensed Arizona attorney and the owner of Carter Law Firm in Phoenix. Her practice focuses on intellectual property, social media law, business formation and contracts, and flash mob law. Ruth was selected for the American Bar Association Legal Rebels in 2012 and the Phoenix Business Journal’s 40 Under 40 in 2013. She is also the author of three books on guerrilla marketing and social media, including The Legal Side of Blogging: How Not to get Sued, Fired, Arrested, or Killed. When she’s not busy being a lawyer, Ruth is a co-founder of Improv AZ, volunteers with Ignite Phoenix, and maintains a personal blog – The Undeniable Ruth.


Nate and Chelsea Day

Advocates of bold family living, Nate and Chelsea Day believe that little moments have a big impact. On their blog, Someday I’ll Learn, they share adventurous activities with their three young boys in hopes of inspiring other families to put themselves first. Settling down just out of college, Nate and Chelsea found that domestic bliss required a whole host of stuff they didn’t teach at UCLA. Nate likes to share updates about rugged hands-on fatherhood and a forthright approach to life’s challenges while Chelsea adds color with creative how-tos and discusses reconnecting with family life in a modern era. Their blog culminates in a he-said-she-said humorous journal that documents the family’s daily exploits.


Samantha Ettus

Samantha is a leading balance expert who has worked with thousands of celebrities, top CEOs, and professional athletes who aim to perform at the highest levels in both their professional and personal lives.

Sam is a bestselling author of four Random House books, a writer for Forbes, and host of the nationally syndicated radio show, Working Moms Lifestyle. As Sam guides parents through personal and professional challenges, she often pulls in the nation’s leading experts, 500 of whom contributed to her Experts’ Guide book series and her leading internet talk show, Obsessed TV.

Sam makes regular appearances on national TV including Access Hollywood, The Today Show, and Fox News, among others. She is a sought-after speaker at colleges, conferences, and corporations throughout the country. Sam aims to practice what she preaches in her daily life, as a wife and mother of three.


Carter Gaddis

Carter spent 24 years covering sports for newspapers and websites, including 16 years with the Tampa Tribune. He remains a lifetime honorary member of the BBWAA and is a Baseball Hall of Fame voter, but he can’t do anything about Pete Rose, so don’t even ask. Carter is the author and publisher of the personal blog,, as well as a contributing writer for the TODAY Show parents section, a co-founder of Dads4Change, and the director of content and social media for SpotOn Digital Media in Tampa. He was selected as one of five Spotlight Bloggers for Dad 2.0 Summit in 2013, and was a We Still Blog Award finalist and reader at the 2014 Type-A Parents Conference. His work also has appeared in the Huffington Post, Life of Dad, the Good Men Project, DadCentric, Mamalode and many other sites and print publications. He lives in Central Florida with his wife, two sons and a 19-year-old house cat named Murphy (after two-time National League MVP, Dale Murphy, naturally).


Andy Herald

Andy Herald is co-founder of — an entertainment site for parents, non-parents, or anyone who’s ever had parents really.

As a heavily-caffeinated designer dad, he’s best know for his work on the site’s Instructional Diagrams which have enjoyed widespread virality. This contributes to his firm belief that he’s not really a writer, but more of a storyteller that occasionally uses words instead of digital art, hand signals and wildlife mating calls.

He has the odd and awesome credit of being the originator of an Internet meme, “banana for scale.”

He is a lover of family, friends, fun and other f words. And if you vote for him, all your wildest dreams will come true.


Jim Higley

Jim Higley is the Bobblehead Dad – author, speaker, radio show host, spokesperson and cancer warrior. A single father raising three kids, Jim’s book Bobblehead Dad: 25 Life Lessons I Forgot I Knew celebrates the stories waiting for us in the nooks and crannies of our days. Jim writes for several national publications and is a regular television guest. He is also Chief Development and Marketing Officer for Camp Kesem – a national non-profit providing free summer camps for children touched by a parent’s cancer.


Lorne Jaffe

Lorne Jaffe is a stay-at-home dad who resides in Queens, NY. He is battling clinical depression and general anxiety disorder while being the primary caregiver to his daughter. He was a Blog Spotlight Reader at Dad 2.0 2014. His work has appeared in the book Dads Behaving Dadly: 67 Truths, Tears and Triumphs of Modern Fatherhood and on The Huffington Post,, The Good Men Project and He has also had material appear on The National At-Home Dads Network’s and City Dads Group’s blogs and has appeared on podcasts run by The Life of Dad Network, Parent Nation Radio, the NYC Dads Group and City Dads Group. You can find his blog at


Henry Lohmeyer

Grew up in a small town, moved to a large one. Received a BFA in Design, with 20 years of design experience. However, the truest parts of Henry start with hitting rock bottom, jail, rehab, believing in the genuine connection with his sons and finding love—all gifts—bringing him closer to whole. Founder of Camera Men, co-founder of Our Collective and trusted ally and adviser to Hopeful World. A true love junkie that believes in the power of authenticity and transparency found in those precious split seconds that only capturing light can bring.


Stephen Marche

Stephen Marche is a columnist for Esquire magazine and the author of The Hunger of the Wolf. He has written on men’s issues for The Atlantic Monthly and The New York Times among other places. He has two kids and he lives in Toronto.


Whitney Moss

For the past seven years, Whitney has worked as a professional blogger and marketing consultant while publishing and Before that, she worked at LeapFrog Toys in the digital marketing department. She is the co-author of The Rookie Mom’s Handbook (2008) and Stuff Every Mom Should Know (2012). She lives in Berkeley, CA with her husband and two children.


Doyin Richards

Doyin (pronounced “doe-ween”) Richards is the founder of Daddy Doin’ Work and is the author of the book titled, Daddy Doin’ Work: Empowering Mothers To Evolve Fatherhood. He is passionate about evolving fatherhood worldwide and he shares that passion with millions of readers as a contributing writer for HuffPost Parents, AskMen, TODAY Parents, Parents Magazine,, and The Good Men Project. Doyin is also an in-demand speaker on the topic of fatherhood. In 2014 alone he was interviewed for TV, radio, and print 133 times including NPR, the TODAY Show, Yahoo!, USA Today, CNN, Fox News, Sunrise Australia and more.

Doyin resides in southern California with his wife and two young daughters (4 years old and 18 months), and when he’s not busy spending time with them, he enjoys rooting for his beloved (and often horrible) Los Angeles Lakers.


Jessica Shyba

After moving to Manhattan with her family over four years ago, Jessica Shyba began sharing her adventures in the city on her online journal, the lifestyle blog Momma’s Gone City. Since returning to Santa Cruz with her family, they adopted a puppy and #TheoandBeau was born. Jessica has been featured on many major media outlets including Good Morning America, the Today Show, NPR and CNN. Naptime with Theo and Beau comes out 2015, and Bathtime with Theo and Beau debuts in 2016.


David Vienna

A father of twin boys, David Vienna is the creator of The Daddy Complex and author of Calm The F*ck Down: The Only Parenting Technique You’ll Ever Need, based on his viral post “The CTFD Method.” In his eclectic professional writing career, he’s penned everything from corporate marketing campaigns to reality TV scripts, and he even wrote three stage musicals. He currently serves as social media producer for the Fox shows Laughs and Dish Nation. His work also appears in exquisitely crafted drunken emails to his friends from high school. He likes long walks on the beach and his favorite color is green.


Keith Zafren

Men who want to be great dads love the stories Keith Zafren tells, the practical skills he teaches, and the personal coaching he offers. Keith spent years recovering from his painful, rejecting relationship with his father, then training incarcerated fathers to reach out to and reestablish relationships with the children they abandoned, while healing their own father wounds from the past. Keith has spent seventeen years learning first hand how to raise three great teenagers and stay close to them, no matter what. He coaches busy dads to not repeat the mistakes their fathers made, but instead, to create fantastic relationships with their kids. Keith is an engaging speaker and writer who has inspired fathers for 30 years from all walks of life, from executives to inmates, to become the dad their children need and want. He is a Jack Canfield certified Success Skills Trainer and the author of the award-winning book, How to Be a Great Dad-No Matter What Kind of Father You Had. Through his years of pastoral work, as a founding board member and fatherhood trainer for the Prison Entrepreneurship Program, and now as founder of The Great Dads Project, Keith has touched thousands of lives.